Active Member

$2,600 + FTE (Full-Time Employees)

An Active Member is defined as:

Any organization whose principal employment is that of a regional, state or local equity fund not solely controlled by or managed by a national fund, consultant or third party.

NASLEF Active Members pay a base fee of $2,600 yearly and an additional yearly amount based on the number of Full-time employees (FTE) within the organization.

1-10 FTE’s $2,600

10-24 FTE’s $6,500

24 + FTE’s $13,000

Active Member benefits include:

Association voting privileges.

Listing of company information in NASLEF’s Membership Directory, website, and other NASLEF publications.

Participation in networking opportunities, IRR-seminars, special asset management sessions, annual conference, and Executive Director’s meeting.

Eligibility for service as a Director or Officer on the NASLEF Board.

Corporate Member


A Corporate Member is defined as:

Any government agency, corporation, syndicator, professional association, broker, consultant, attorney, accountant, or other individual having a professional interest and involvement in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.

A national equity fund or consultant actively engaged in the management or co-management of a state or local equity fund.

Any investors in Active Member funds and state housing finance agencies.

Corporate Member benefits include:

Advantageous networking/business opportunities via access to 12 Equity Fund Members in 42 states.

Listing of company information in NASLEF’s Membership Directory and website.

Networking/training opportunities in LIHTC at the NASLEF Annual Conference.

Opportunities to promote your business to the industry.

Contact with peers who network with specific state industries.